Competition Judging and Scoring

The following is an explanation of our scoring process to better familiarize our coaches with our judging and scoring process.

1. For all competitions, a different judging panel will be used for each division per competition: i.e. (All Varsity squads will be judged by the same judging panel. The judging panel will be made up of a completely different panel of judges each competition).

2. Qualified judges are chosen based on a variety of experience level including but not limited to former or current college cheer and dance team members, current and former college gymnastics, former all-star cheer and dancers, former and current cheer coaches and teachers. We choose a panel that will compliment each others score and has a wide range of knowledge.

3. Judges are encouraged to use their own opinions and techniques in judging: Please remember- in a cheerleading competition, it is the JUDGES OPINION that matters. Every judge's opinion is different!

4. Coaches can see all of our scoresheets, included under the Forms component under Competitions. It is imperative that you view these prior to competing to help you prepare.