Schedule of Events

Welcome Coaches! Please check this section 7 days prior to your compeittion event for warm-up and performance times!


  1. Additional Coaches Information for the event and Event Schedules and warm-up times will be emailed to each registered coach  seven days prior to the scheduled competition. If a coach does not have internet access, please request a hard copy of this information on your event registration form. Please note: You will NOT be included on the schedule unless you have sent in payment, a deposit, or a purchase order. 
  2. We will schedule your teams based on crossovers and the number of participants in each division to the best of our ability.  Competition order is random.
  3. Any questions regarding competitons can be e-mailed to us at or feel free to contact us at 330.333.0640.
  4. We are going GREEN! We will post our competition FINAL SCHEDULES on the WEDNESDAY PRIOR to our events! We will have event schedules posted at our competitions, however, we encourage you and your parents to print a schedule to bring to the competition!
  5. For competition schedule, please choose the competition you are attending in our drop down menu or on the side bar to the right on our home page. The schedule can be viewed there!